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I Was the Best of Geeks. I Was the Worst of Geeks.

With me, what you see if pretty much what you get. If I say I like potatoes, then I like potatoes. I don't have a reason to trick you.

When you enjoy things, you typically enjoy being around others who enjoy the same things. Therefore, I find myself very often in the company of fellow nerds, which is great. Whether it's a convention or a small night of games at home, I enjoy those times.

What I don't enjoy is when someone feels the need to question my sincerity in liking something like this. I won't talk about "fake geeks" here. That's another post for another day. More than once, I've had someone challenge me on something I enjoy -- a battle of facts or some such nonsense. It's the kind of thing that happens when you say "Oh I like that too!" and the response is something along the lines of "Oh yeah, well then prove it by ..." I can't abide that kind of superiority and usually ignore those types of people.

God forbid you somehow reveal you're a female in a video game where you play with others (an MMO for those who know the jargon). I rarely do this because inevitably what happens next is either an onslaught of "men" (are they really? Who knows?) hitting on you or someone telling you that you're not playing the game right. Listen, I like Alderaan. I don't care that I'm too low level to be here. I like it here. I'm just hanging out at the shops. Leave me be.

Having ranted all of that, I do have a confession. No matter how much I love the things I love, I have  to admit that I don't know all the things I should know about the things I like. And of the things I like, I have some pretty unpopular opinions. So let's get started with these confessions of a geek.

Star Trek: 
I know all the Star Trek characters and their titles and roles. I know the ships and planets. I know the alien races.

But you know what? I don't speak Klingon. I don't know every ship classification (Jeremy does though). I can't quite remember the stardate that certain events occurred.

I liked Enterprise. I liked all the movies. Even Nemesis.

I didn't love Kirk.

Still with me? Let's continue.

Star Wars: 
I have a crush on Obi-Wan. I would live on Alderaan. I know a lot about the bounty hunters (Dengar is my favorite), and Hoth is my favorite part of Episode 5. I was a Luke girl, not a Han girl.

But you know what? I somewhat enjoyed Jar-Jar Binks and talk like him for fun to annoy my husband. I liked the prequels. Actually, I really liked them because of the back story they give on Obi-Wan. And further, I love The Clone Wars. They make the Anakin/Padme part of the story much better.

I liked that they changed things in the remastered DVDs and Blu Rays. The fact that they put Hayden Christensen in the end of Episode 6 makes me cry every time (in a good way). And let's just be honest. The puppets they used for the aliens before kind of sucked. THEY DID. Technology is good, guys.

Ok I just lost some of you. Take a break. Breathe. 

Video Games: 
I played the SWTOR video game for HOURS AND HOURS.

But you know what? In playing SWTOR, I don't do space missions because I don't enjoy them. Also I suck at them. I only have 2 characters that I leveled to 50.

I enjoy playing League of Legends with my husband and family. I usually main support, but I venture top occasionally.

But I don't ever jungle. I hate it. And once I quit playing the game for about 6 months because my stress levels in game got so high that I would get physically ill. That's just not healthy.

I play console games too. My first gameboy was the original and I played Link's Awakening and Donkey Kong forever. I have fond memories of playing Mario on the NES except for that water level. Know what water level? You're stupid. Stupid water.

But over-the-shoulder perspective games like Gears of War or Dead Space? Suck. I suck. Suckity suck suck. Like run into a corner and shoot the ceiling level of suck.

I'll lump these together. I love Doctor Who, but I started with 9 and then worked my way back and watched the originals. I actually enjoyed the first few episodes of the remake.

I don't read comics. I didn't grow up on Pokemon or the X-Men. I actually know almost nothing about the X-Men except for what the live action movies tell us. I do know I don't like Jubilee though.

I read and watched the Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) books and show, but I really don't love Daenerys or Arya, two of the popular favorites. If you've not read the books, I have no hope that you'll understand that.

I love Steampunk style and culture, and I avidly participate when there's a chance, but I am not a purist, and I don't care if your definition of Steampunk is just "throw some gears on it." Do what you want! It's not my definition, but who am I?

Just a fail of a geek.


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