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I Fail at Being a "Normal" Pregnant Person

I'd like to start this off with a disclaimer, because what I say in this blog will be really real and probably not, well, what you hear from most people. In case you haven't noticed, I'm usually pretty real, so this shouldn't be that surprising honestly. But in any case, the disclaimer is that I am happy about the pregnancy and looking forward to the future.

But seriously, what in the world am I doing?

The timing is fine. I mean, of course timing happens differently for different people, so I'm not saying that this timing is the only good timing (duh), but for us, it was important to have time alone. I was never the type to envision myself with kids. Honestly, I didn't even plan to get married for a long time, but plans happily changed that. Jeremy felt the same about kids. We both figured we'd just wait and see how we felt about it later, and in the end we both decided that we could live happily with no kids, but eventually we'd regret that and would …