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WebMD: A Retrospective

This isn't a fail, although it contains some fails. It's a look back. Today is my last day at the place where I've spent 10 years working with coworkers who became friends and family. Yes, you can become family.

I was thinking this morning about some of the things that stick out to me from my time here and thought I'd share. I'll add photos throughout the day as I take them with friends. =)

The time when I wore a white skirt during my first week here. I was 19(ish) at the time and going to my first "big meeting." First thing I did was get coffee in the break room and proceeded to spill it all over my skirt. My desk used to be right under an air vent, and there were no desks to swap with. For some reason, our office area was beyond cold, and my area was downright polar. I would huddle in my chair wearing a coat, scarf, gloves, and covered with a blanket I brought from home. Meanwhile, my then-boss railed about the injustice of my having to suffer like that.…

Garlic Salt Fail

Then there was the time (last night) when I started to sprinkle garlic salt on the veggies in the steamer and opened the end that pours instead.

So I dumped a pile of garlic salt on the vegetables.

Garlic is delicious. Not in piles.


Straightening My Hair, When Suddenly...

Forehead flat iron burn