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WebMD: A Retrospective

This isn't a fail, although it contains some fails. It's a look back. Today is my last day at the place where I've spent 10 years working with coworkers who became friends and family. Yes, you can become family.

I was thinking this morning about some of the things that stick out to me from my time here and thought I'd share. I'll add photos throughout the day as I take them with friends. =)

  • The time when I wore a white skirt during my first week here. I was 19(ish) at the time and going to my first "big meeting." First thing I did was get coffee in the break room and proceeded to spill it all over my skirt. 
  • My desk used to be right under an air vent, and there were no desks to swap with. For some reason, our office area was beyond cold, and my area was downright polar. I would huddle in my chair wearing a coat, scarf, gloves, and covered with a blanket I brought from home. Meanwhile, my then-boss railed about the injustice of my having to suffer like that. The maintenance man suggested I put on more clothes. So helpful.
  • Once I accidentally set up a 301 redirect from one of our articles to a product page from Ikea. I'd been looking at furniture and when I hit "paste," that was the URL that pasted, and I didn't realize it until someone found it. OOPS.
  • Fire drills where I had to walk from the 24th floor of our office down to the street and back up again. In heels. 
  • The time when, as an intern, I was asked to fill in for the main office secretary for a day. Of course that was the day we got a phone call from an irate man in Boston who was upset that we didn't offer our magazine by subscription to individuals (it's a doctor's office magazine). I stayed on the phone with him for over an hour talking very politely til he was appeased and even complimented me on being nice. =) I sent him several copies of the latest issues.
  • Playing laser tag at an office Christmas party with a few people that I never expected to run around in dress clothes and dart behind obstacles while firing at each other. That was really a blast. 
  • Being on a WebMD video and "asking a doctor" questions about the color of pee. 
  • Days when there were layoffs and I thought for sure my time was up. ANXIETY.
  • Being made fun of in a meeting when I was still quite young for not knowing who ZZ Top was. Actually I DID know, but I didn't realize they were who they were. Looking at you, Sara H.!  
  • Talking about Star Wars with my former boss who was a huge geek and trying to teach my current boss what Star Wars even is. (That movie with Hans Solo where they flew through a canyon thing?... SIGH) 
  • IM'ing my good friend Alicia all day and sharing geeky things we found online and pictures of cute animals. 
  • Being able to look out the window near my desk and see the morning sun over the Atlanta skyline.
  • Reading a book after work sitting outside by the Thai restaurant. Forgetting my book, and having the nice Thai man who worked there save it for me and give it to me the next afternoon. He knew my routine =)
  • Getting Chickfila so often that they knew me by name and what I would order. I'm not very adventurous with fast food.
  • Shopping for Christmas presents for our children we sponsor over the holidays. 
  • Working alongside asset management. I love doing that, and learning how it works has been really fun for me. 
  • Being able to train people in what SEO means and how it applies to everything. And having them train me on what they do too. Except Excel. I have a love/hate relationship with Excel.
  • Feeling like I had no idea what I was doing or why these people had hired me. 
  • My first noteworthy successes at work -- new content that performed well, leading meetings, making traffic projections that actually panned out, and pitching, project managing, tracking, and reporting. I look back and don't even know how I got here. 
I've been so blessed. Thanks to any of my coworkers who happen to read this. You're the best.


  1. "Being made fun of in a meeting when I was still quite young for not knowing who ZZ Top was. Actually I DID know, but I didn't realize they were who they were. Looking at you, Sara H.!"

    Ahem, it was SARA B who mocked you for not knowing ZZ Top. Or maybe we both did. But I specifically remember being horrified. :)


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