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Somewhere Beyond the Sea: My Fails in Thailand

This post could really get out of hand. I am also going to be careful because some of my stories involve other people who haven't chosen to broadcast their fails to the world, so for the most part I'll be focusing on my part in these exciting adventures in failure. However, my mother-in-law has agreed to let me share part of her story too in the second section.

Let's see, where to start. Well, rather than go in chronological order, let's group by theme.

1. Pregnancy (Feel free to skip if this doesn't interest you.)

I have largely avoided morning sickness during this pregnancy, thank God. But of course, the morning of our early flight out of Greenville, I managed to have my first bout. So I got on our flight feeling awful and having eaten a couple of bites of a scone. We got to Chicago where I proceeded to be sick but did manage to eat part of a burger. That layover was 8 hours. Bleh. Then we got on the plan from Chicago to Tokyo for a fun 11 hour flight by ANA. ANA …